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Etana w/ Tha ‘Yoties & Special Guests

July 14, 2018 @ 8:00 pm – 11:59 pm America/Phoenix Timezone

Kingston, Jamaica’s Reggae soul songstress with an uplifting message and inspirational sounds. Ranging from performances on a full live band to a up-close and personal acoustic set with a guitarist and her vocals. always leaving fans on a natural and spiritual high. Singer/Songwriter/Activist, Inspiring and changing lives through music and philantrophy.

Tha ‘Yoties are a reggae-rock quartet based in Flagstaff, AZ. Reflecting on their diverse heritage, the group jokingly refer to themselves as a band of coyotes (‘Yoties). Tha ‘Yoties are notable for their lively performances, catchy melodies, and conscious message. The group has a profound relationship to the people and lands of the Colorado Plateau, and their signature “IrieZona-Reggae-Rock” sound is greatly influenced by the cultures and concerns of the indigenous populations of the region. Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist, Ed Kabotie (Tewa/Hopi) and Bassist/Flautist, Hunter Eagleman RedDay (Dine/Dakota) are descendants of the people that have occupied the four corner states for centuries. Drummer, Andrew Baker captures the natural beauty of the plateau in his work as a landscape photographer. Guitarist, Alec ‘Coy-Wolf’ Tippet grew up in Flagstaff and is a vibrant part of the local music scene. Together, the group seeks: “To raise awareness of the plight of the people and lands of the Colorado Plateau while supporting, encouraging, and participating in proactive and positive change.” In pursuit of this mission the group organizes the annual ‘Rumble on the Mountain’ concert in Flagstaff and works diligently to carry their message and music to an ever expanding audience.

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