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Dysphotic, Mutilated Tyrant, Suicide Forest

August 1, 2019 @ 8:00 pm – 11:00 pm America/Phoenix Timezone

Price: $8 ADV, $10 at the Door
Starts: 8pm

Death metal from Santa Fe, NM.
FFO Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Nightbringer

Dysphotic consider themselves in large part a death metal band, although critics would be quick to point out a menacing undercurrent of tremolo-laden black metal influence. With a penchant for harnessing dissonance within their writing, the group weaves threads of unease and tension throughout their oppressive sound. Pioneering an uncompromising bleak niche of their own, Dysphotic is an amalgam of swirling chaos and surgical precision.

“Dissonant, Chaotic, Bulldozing, Apocalyptic Death Metal.” -CVLTNATION

Listen to their debut album THE ETERNAL THRONE here:

with local support provided by…

++ MutilatedTyrant ++

Tim- Guitar/Lead Vocals
LarDel- Lead Guitar/Vocals
Laurence- Bass/Vocals
Rory- Drums
A Navajo Black/Death Metal originating and hailing from Ganado, AZ

MutilatedTyrant formed later on in the year of 2013, creating our firat Demo EP “Baptized From Hell in early 2014 with a more Death metal influence in the music mixed with cold raw black metal riffs. As things made a turn to writing techniques a year later, with the releasing of our full length self released EP “Forest Of Eternity” with a much more melodic and dark riffs to project the true art form that motivates us. Our latest release is a four track demo titled “Dark Sign Of The Baphomet” going back to the original artform we have started, a mix of thick brutal death metal riffs, with a cold grim grasp of black metal riffs.

Influences to Mutilated Tyrant evolve around major black metal acts such as Marduk, Darkthrone, Immortal, Satyricon, Gorgoroth and many others. The philosophy of the band is to create a mixture of melodies that are combined by everyday life, and the power of inner self conflictions within us all. To show our art through powerful symphonies, and to combine our heritage

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++ Suicide Forest ++
Depressive Black Metal from Tucson, AZ

Influenced by Depressive/Suicidal black metal projects such as Shining, Thy Light, Xasthur, and Make a Change…Kill Yourself, the music of Suicide Forest has been described as highly atmospheric, depressive black metal that incorporates elements of 20th century classical and particularly, minimalism. Although all the music of Suicide Forest continues to be written and recorded by A. Kruger, it has evolved into much more than a one man project. Through the realization of dedicated live members, the music of Suicide Forest can be taken to the stage. Their performances have been described as “bleak and desolate” and “a journey with a sad end”, and are known to allow the atmosphere captured in the recordings to manifest.


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