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We at The Green Room have a vision of an establishment that offers both a fun and safe environment for our customers to relax and hangout. Our service is unparalleled and our sound system is the best in Flagstaff. Along with our in house professional lighting system and newly overhauled dance floor The Green Room offers the best concert/dance party experience in Flagstaff. Our goal here at The Green Room is to be the best music venue/bar that offers the most outstanding and friendly service in Northern Arizona and Southern Utah.

Recycling is AwesomeThe Green Room is entirely dedicated to being Green. We make a conscious effort to do our part for Mother Earth. We recycle glass, paper, plastic, card board, aluminum cans/bottles, building supplies and anything else we can think of (we also encourage our customers to do the same). Our soaps and cleaning supplies are earth friendly and our napkins are made from recycled materials. Please continue to visit our web site to see the new environmental efforts we are making to keep The Green Room Green. WE REALLY CARE. The Green Room welcomes any suggestions on how we can do more to use less. Please send us your ideas about how we can conserve our resources. And remember SAVE THE PLANET, drink a beer @ The Green Room.

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